Congratulations to our newest Pro Shooter Brady Ellison on his new world record with the debut of our Recurve Lens!

"Axcel Sights & Scopes is happy to introduce the superior quality Doc's Choice model lenses from Clear Targets into our 2014 Axcel Scope product line. Clear Targets guarantees an Optical Center on each crystal clear superior Essilor ground lens, with the advanced 9-step finish Crizal coating applied to both sides of the lens. Clear Targets offers the lens that we assess to be the best choice for the #1 rated archers in the World."

                                   Greg Summers, President of Tomorrows Resources Unlimited, Inc.

Here  at  Clear Targets® we strive to bring you the best lens for your sight that is available.  Our lenses have been hand cut by an Optometric Physician to be the most precise lens you have ever used in your sight.

Whether you are an avid hunter chasing game of all sizes or you are a tournament shooter, our lenses will help you become a better archer. They are the clearest lens you will ever look through.

When you decide to make your scope exceed its potential, put the lens that is the clear choice of archers...Doc's Choice and Aurora Star®  from Clear Targets®!



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